We are Jörg, Hannes & Friedrich from d25.io and that is our Vision: 
Build and train Artificial Intelligence quickly and easily without deep tech skills.

We aim to provide a platform where everyone can build their own AI. Choose between a pre-trained or self-training AI. In addition, all AIs can be combined with each other in our innovative pipeline concept. 

And the best of all, it’s perfect for both a computer scientist and non-computer scientist.

Connect with us

d25_io_joerg_kieswetter_2 about

Jörg Kiesewetter

Co-Founder & CEO

the AI Enthusiast

d25_io_hannes_witt about

Hannes Witt

Co-Founder & CTO

input: Coffee, output: Code

d25_io_friedrich_seck about

Friedrich Seck

Co-Founder & COO

the Business Guy 

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