Find your products on Instagram with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
Even if they are not tagged!

Have a look to this real Instagram post.


Your individual trained Artificial Intelligence can find your products. 

  • Get Data where the picture is taken
  • See the number of likes
  • There are no Brand Hashtags
  • High-quality picture, usable for own Instagram Feed

Your Products on Instagram

Find your products or your brand logo on Instagram. Even if the user didn't tag you or use a brand hashtag.

Ease of Use

There is no tech knowledge necessary to use our d25 Monitor, with the newest AI technology.


Communicate with your customers to increase brand loyalty. Set a Like, add a comment and make them feel appreciated.


UGMC - User Generated Marketing Content.
Use the high-quality content of your audience.

Pre Sign Up

0 h
set-up time
product images needed
images analyzed per day

How the d25 Monitor works


Sign Up for free at the
d25 Monitor.


Upload 50* product images to train the image recognition AI.


Start training the
Artificial Intelligence.


After 24 hrs, the d25 Monitor starts analyzing Instagram and the results are shown at the user dashboard.

* Our AI generates 4,600 images out of the 50 training images. That gives us the highest accuracy.

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