Be Part of an Amazing Story

At, we have challenging tasks and topics and we will give you the opportunity and freedom to work on them. If you want this kind of responsibility, we want to work with you.


Mindfulness, egolessness, and pragmatic craftsmanship are core to our culture—from daily interactions to how we get things done.

Transparency & Autonomy

We trust in each other. Everyone is empowered to make decisions, communication is transparent, and we are obsessed with our own productivity.


Mentorship, honest feedback, and free executive coaching help us grow in all directions, both professionally and personally.


We love where we work and we think you will too. Our Office is at the Basislager, where you can connect to other startups and freelancer during insane table football matches.


Weekly Breakfast

Every week we have breakfast together.
That's just one of many team events.


Free Membership

We provide a NextBike membership, also applicable for private use.
Be Sporty!

Healthy Workplace

Adjustable Desks

The possibility to get a height adjustable desk to prevent back issues.
Stand up!

Basislager Community


Freely enjoy all the benefits of Basislagers startup scene. All the meetups you can muster & get in contact with great people with great minds.

Our Process after you applied for a Job

1. Your Application

We HATE these old-school and boring applications including your grades. Just send us an email with 2-3 sentences why you want to work with us and a Resume / CV (American style). 

That’s it!  

2. Our Response

We all know that it’s frustrating not getting any feedback. 

We promise that you will get a productive Feedback within one week, even when your profile doesn’t fit one of our open positions. 

3. Personal Interview

If your profile matches with our needs, we will invite you to a personal interview. 

The interview will be realized by the person you will most likely work with. We will talk very openly about your possible tasks and we expect direct feedback. 

4. Get to Know

You left a good impression – perfect. 

We will invite you a second time to get to know all founders of

Happy Work. 

You can apply in English or German.

We are a proud member of the Basislager Community.

Sales - (Mandatory) Internship (m/f/d)

Be part of our team and improve our Sales Funnel.
Tell us in 2-3 sentences something about you and which experiences you have.

Marketing - (Mandatory) Internship (m/f/d)

Be part of our team and improve our Marketing Campaigns.
Tell us in 2-3 sentences something about you and which experiences you have.

Speculative Application

If you have not found a suitable job, you can send us a speculative application.
Tell us in 2-3 sentences something about you and in which position you would like to be part of our team.

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